Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Smoothies, die bei Diabetes Typ II gut tun

Smoothies that do well in type II diabetes Diabetes type 2 has become a common disease Unlike type 1 diabetes, this type of diabetes is acquired in the course of life and is (usually) not hereditary

In most cases (type 2b), the affected person has caused the disease through unhealthy lifestyle So you can do something about it yourself We present smoothies that do well in type 2 diabetes Causes of diabetes Type 290% of all people with diabetes suffer from acquired diabetes, type 2, which used to be called "adult onset diabetes"

Today, however, very young people are affected by it, even in childhood and adolescence, which is why the term "old-age diabetes" has overtaken itself Type 2 diabetes is most often caused by obesity itself and is therefore much more prevalent worldwide in lower-educated populations than in higher-educated populations 20% of all expenditures of the health insurance companies in Germany are at the expense of type 2 diabetes and secondary diseases The main cause of diabetes on type 2 diabetes is another widespread disease: obesity Not only the wrong food leads to diabetes, also the wrong choice of drinks

Sweetened drinks and fruit juices also promote the development of type 2 diabetes such as a high-fat, unhealthy and excessive diet Smoothies that do well in diabetes 2 should therefore not be made from fruit, but from vegetables Therapy of type 2 diabetes Since almost every case of type 2 diabetes is triggered by obesity, weight loss is always the first measure On average, a weight loss of only 10kg (permanently!) Is sufficient to normalize the blood sugar level

Medication will be superfluous So it's up to you if you want to keep your life sick, or take responsibility for your health into your own hands and lose weight By the way: Not only the blood sugar normalizes in a weight reduction, also the blood pressure regulates down! So, if you are (not only) preparing smoothies, you should focus on weight loss and avoiding sugar! Ingredients for type 2 smoothies A smoothie should be healthy, so sugar (or honey!) Is part of the list of ingredients nothing lost What counts is the natural sweetness and the pure taste

If you like milky smoothies (which, strictly speaking, are not "smoothies" but "milk mix drinks"), you should be careful to use low-fat dairy products so that the healthy drink is not turned into a calorie bomb! Magnesium deficiency promotes the development of diabetes and can lead to lower sugar levels and consequential damage to the heart and blood vessels in the presence of diabetes Magnesium deficiency can even prevent the healing that is possible in many cases So, a smoothie that's good for Type 2 diabetes sufferers should be made up of plenty of vegetables, with no sugar or milk, and also provide magnesium intake We have something for you! Spinach and banana smoothieSpinach is one of the varieties of leafy vegetables that are particularly rich in magnesium

Among the fruits, the banana is a particularly good supplier of magnesium Nuts and kernels generally provide a lot of magnesium, but also fat Although the fat of nuts is much healthier than animal fats, it still contains calories So add nuts to your diet, but not more than 1 handful per meal, as losing weight is and remains the best remedy for type 2 diabetes! How good that these magnesium sources in combination even taste so delicious! You need: 150g of fresh leaf spinach1 fully ripe banana

125ml of water1 teaspoon of almond purée Fill all ingredients in a blender, blender or high mixing bowl and chop everything to a creamy smoothie If you do not have almonds, you can also use ground almonds from the baking ingredients Kohlrabi-Cress Smoothie

Like most cabbages, kohlrabi is rich in magnesium

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