Friday, 6 December 2019

My daily Juicing Life

Hey, it's your girl Roxy again, I'm just gonna say How my day is going today so far it's going good I have a lot of things I have to do but I just really wish I had my girl units to show people because I'm getting a lot of Calls and info you know, but don't worry when I get mine I'm gonna do another video and I want to show everyone how they work how to upload them on your computer I'm going to go through all kind of demonstrations and you will be just as educated as I will be as I am learning how to Go about it myself and we will be go-go-going together with our new girl Eunice, so What I want to talk about is a lot of people talk about healthy living and Like I have a have a website one is called Healthy foods 24 Calm and the other one is called juicing not one one I'm sorry not one one juicing dot-com so the nine one one juicing calm at these websites

You will be able to Navigate through it and find plenty of recipes these recipes Will help you Learn all about juicing and what each fruit or vegetable can do for the body And they do a lot of good things God didn't just put them on earth for us not to eat them He put them on earth for a reason It will show you like the properties that's in each one of them the Any oxygens that you know can help out different elements that we may be going through? so just make sure y'all check out the Novel when juicing calm and the healthy Foods 24, and it's going to be not just while healthy foods 24 I have recipes I have like chicken and shrimp and lots of fish and chicken on my it will be lots of chicken and fish on my my arm site, and it will also be places where you can purchase books at You can get free e e downloads and Learn about learn about all the stuff This is what's going to keep us alive This is keep us healthy? This is what kill a lot of diseases and ailments that flows through our food in our body You know And you know teach you about how to clean your food properly I'm gonna go over stuff like that and how like the juicing machine juice machine I love I love the one I had and I'm gonna break it down and show you how I clean it And how you know to take care of it, and you know things you can do to get around I've cleaned my machine in like one minute some people like oh, it's would be fifteen minutes

I'm like okay What the hell were you doing because like I use soap in water like the detergent and everything else, but like do you? Evidently you just don't know what you're doing like it don't take that long to clean out a good Juicer it takes exactly no more than 130 seconds or one minute I have did it in one minute, and I did a video on it So I don't understand why is taking so long for some people to be cleaning out these juicers like Like and that's the reason why they don't do they be like oh, it's so hard to clean No no you're doing something wrong for one thing you know it comes with the bucket the bucket put a bag in it that eliminates half your time you put a Plastic bag from the supermarket inside that bucket all the garbage or well, it's not garbage the the the pulp and everything from the The fruit will go into the air Okay the pulp and the debris from the vegetables will go into the bag, which goes this Bet it that you just put inside the bucket so if you do it that way you'll save so much time like serious like oh Really anyway So if you listen to my instructions on how to clean it properly You'll get it done in like one minute You know and it'd be clean no bacteria nothing You know

I don't use the I Don't use any parts of my dishwasher to put any of that in me I clean it by hand every single time the other thing is if you prepare your Vegetables like I'll go out maybe on the weekends, and I go buy all the vegetables I need and I take it and I store it in a ziplock bags I chop them up They already prepare for me I grab out of bag already has your onion it has your Apple It has your your lemon It has I'm sorry I did I say I didn't know we don't want to argue So it'll have you up your limit I meant lemon not have your lemon it'll have your celery or have your red pepper or your Apple, whatever you may use if you're doing beets and carrots you chop that up ahead of time you put that in the ziplock bag you just Gram it out, and you cook it I mean and you juice it

I'm thinking about cooking some beast tonight That's why I thought about cook, but that's about it My next video will show you some more stuff so stay tuned go to Roxanne mandre on youtube or you can go to my facebook page and Shout out to your sister You know let me know what you think you and don't forget nine-one-one juicing calm and don't forget 9-1-1

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