Thursday, 5 December 2019


Hi, it's me again your girl, Roxy I just wanted to do a quick video on this juice my son I was doing my Serbia Video for my 9-1-1 website and my son made this delicious beet juice for me It's It's to die for but it's beets carrots celery lemon He have a little pear in here

They give us some sweetening and I believe you had pineapples in here turmeric cayenne pepper just a dash and Ginger it's so good and everybody knows dumb beasts You got to take them beets And it got good properties in here it fights a lot of elements within our body that we come across It's like a hilly um Any antidote so make sure? You get your beets and your carrots so powerful Mmm It's really good so Just want everybody to know that and How my day is going I was doing a lot of videos I got my NGO units today, which I was so so happy about and I hope everybody is getting their packages They're coming in The company is a wonderful company they kept their promise it will be there in two weeks Just have patience remember all the hurricanes and everything we went through and I think that was a part of the backlog along with the switching of the company so Have patience is it's gonna be great when you get here when your guitars, but I got miles today, and I'm not bragging I'm just excited, and I'm very humble and Hello, I am bragging I'm just happy I got them So hopefully you get yours too and I just can't wait to start and start this Amazing journey with these goal units that I have with nine one one wealth nine one one Welkom nine one one wealth dot organ now one one wolf got info, and I'm gonna be advertising my juicing different recipes I Know y'all watch some That's really good And it's healthy one thing I can take about juicing I started this journey with juicing last year maybe about last year and Instantly within three weeks

I think I lost like almost 1015 pounds it was about up yeah three weeks to a month But it was it was a healthy way of losing, and it was one of the best Weight loss I have a had I didn't look sick I didn't look Nobody tell you look round of thrashing alright, or you look like you just losing I lost from my face going down and I just kept it up It's a healthy way, and I would love to become a vegan but right now I gotta have my protein

I need my anis I don't eat pork I don't eat red meat, but I eat a lot of chicken and fish So that's close to vegan ish And something they don't eat those neither, but I Guess they'll come down the road right now I need my proteins I need that you know get down know you can get proteins from other places like eggs And you know a whole bunch of other stuff can get protein from but right now I you know I'm still a little hooked on my fish and chicken so but anyway, anyhow um Join me for my journey I like that necklace I got this is one of the necklaces I sell On my site

I really like that and match my shirt and match my serbia bag that it came in Oh, yeah, looking go on girl No, she didn't conceded She just have fun Okay, how much I get that mixed up and everything just have fun everything I do You post a have fun life is too short everyone You know I mean you just live day by day and have fun with it It's a beautiful thing to have life There's you know you have to look at it It can be going tomorrow Taking away instantly you know and you never I know what people are going through so always be considerate to other people and treat them with respect and That's my message for today But drink your juice beets and carrots always it's a great afternoon little lunch little snack, but it fills you up and My next meal will be dinner and it'd probably just be either chicken or fish Most time I don't have anything else with it or somehow

I get a little something but Check it out All right I'm good talking to you again, but I it's just like I just can't get over this excitement I can't wait to pull out my computer and start setting it up But I want to do it right and I want to do it in front of people so they know these units words and I have a lot of people that's waiting to see how they work because they're interested in the Go go go go go units Thank you, and have a good day Have a blessed day Not only a good day a blessed day

Bye everybody

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