Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Is Shakeology better than juicing? Weight Loss, Diabetes, High BP- Benefits & Transformation Reviews

hey guysits coach Stacey McCoy today is January 2nd 20:14 times right you in my kitchen for all the pics on my answer questionnaires acting getting via email and Facebook in this may help some of you to make some decisions about what to purchase all or if you went to a combination of the two I have a lot of clients alive potential client a new client they ask me questions about Shakeology what is Shakeology? how can I did Shakeology in why would I not just use so I brought my juicer and when those people because I have like all types thank you to get it I have a long way my curate back here and I've got my propelled juicer classes for a little bit and I know good one thing that's been consistent every game that kept my Shakeology home when you choose you're getting me chance and you're getting vegetables or fruit and in you are being supplied with something and you're getting them here through your juicer I'll make some carrot juice just a bit and I'll put my juicer and I use these jars here so that I can make it 4-1 take it with me to work you know that's great and I am getting nutrients that's probably healthier than you know a cheeseburger or healthier than a hotdog are healthier than some of the other quick options chips and cookies it's healthier than the options that you get if you were to choose something from say a vending machine but it's not ultimate in hell is certainly a great option for a quick snack and certainly fuels you or gives you a certain degree of carbohydrates, it does give you a certain degree of protein minimal fat and it gives you nutrition okay but the difference is not giving you completion it does give you the Super food in this in their wholesome yes in all the seven great ingredient that you would get if you picked up invested in Cincy balanced up that you're getting into galleon while people keep talking about this in you know what's great about this and I tried to explain it to people with it I can get these products on shell arm at wal-mart or Publix even at Whole Foods if I were to try it the price which is at FB so astronomical these are all being that people writing in like a father-son doctor I what do you think about you're already in here I don't have to go looking for this one product a class on and after I it's already here so I have prebiotics and probiotics I've got an accident I've got phytonutrients blue-green algae Oakcrest wheatgrass mock-up our ginkgo power you know Lactobacillus all those things are already here and Camille and I can drink year he is many times a day as I'm wanting to buy one and she tallied three times a day for three at my five male it you know its meal and sell the real question is are you looking for a snack and you know just like some basic nutrition are you looking for like the whole picture and something that arm one marriage you this is narration and that's what you're getting arm so that's really it I'm get how much you sir and you know you know I don't want these things is for my refrigerator they're kinda just getting out with Chris Smith out I'm gonna make some carrot juice I'm gonna make myself some I'm Green Goddess choose and I've already made my Shakeology for the day I'm gonna take all these things with me and continue into 2014 doing everything I can to live longer live healthier and do the same for my family cell take here

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