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Is It REALLY Necessary To Avoid High-Fat Foods Such As Bacon?

Hey, everybody, Coach Dan Long with Get Lean in 12 And we are live

In today's short video– you see I have some bacon here– I'm going to answer the question, is it really necessary to avoid high fat foods, such as bacon, to lose belly fat? Now, you're probably wondering why it is I have a grill here Well, I'm going to show you some secret little tips here today I also have a pan, which most of you will use a pan for bacon right inside your kitchen But today, I'm outside because it's so beautiful out here And one of the most amazing things is to be able to get outside and do some cooking

So today, I thought I'd share that with you But I also want to explain who I am so My name's Dan Long I've actually been in the fitness industry now for over 20 years You know, the most catalyzed thing that I ever had getting into the industry was going through a divorce for my two children that I end up getting full custody of, and I had to make a career change to be able to help the other people that were out in the world to give me my true passion

And that's why I'm able to be here today with you to give you some of these helpful tips that I have about bacon Now bacon is one of the most amazing things that I know most people will enjoy and sometimes over enjoy Now, let me say this, OK, you're going to see a link it's going to be up here Don't click it yet OK? Because I want you to get all these tips

I have five tips for you today about bacon and how it will help to lose belly fat, but you won't be able to see it if you click that link So just hold on a minute When I get done with this video, you can click that link Now, I do want to let you know I have something special at that link It's going to be a 12-minute metabolic protocol that's going to go exactly perfect with the bacon that you choose to eat, no matter if it's regular bacon or turkey bacon, which I'm going explain to you because I have some turkey bacon here today

This 12-minute metabolic protocol is going to be the catalyst for you to actually help you get the body that you desire Now, with that, I want to let you know my wife Nicole, one of the things that we discovered with this protocol, by the way, is she has Crohn's disease, an autoimmune disease that can kill people And with that Crohn's disease comes a lot of stress And with stress comes a lot of flare ups Well, this 12-minute metabolic protocol that I'm going to introduce you to actually helps her stay in remission from her Crohn's disease, just like dieting correctly obviously is a big part of an autoimmune disease

So I want you to stick close with me here as I go through these tips and I put some of this bacon on the grill So I'm going to go ahead and get some of this on the grill while we're talking Now, you can use a grill, by the way, to cook your bacon No one says you can't use your grill When you put your bacon on the grill, guess what happens? The opposite of what happens inside your pain

Now, I also have a side burner here And I'm going to cook some bacon on the pan here What happens when you have it in the pan? The bacon sits inside it's own grease, right? And then you have to drain it on a paper towel, or two paper towels a lot of times So if you cook in a pan, that's fine Make sure you drain the excess fat

But if you want to get outside and you want to cook on the grill, I tell you, it's amazing to put your bacon on the grill, because what happens to the fat? It falls right through The grate is on the grill And no longer do you have to drain the fat off of your bacon That's killer So a helpful tip for you that you can actually put your bacon on the grill, believe it or not, like I'm doing here in sunny Tampa, Florida today

So thank you for being here, by the way, now Got a helicopter going over Five tips that I want to go over Can you actually have bacon and can you actually lose belly fat? Well, here's the answer A diet does not have to just be extremely strict to lose weight

So remember that A diet does not have to be Us Yes, you can occasionally add in bacon into your diet And, yes, you can lose weight Now here's the thing

You've got to follow these five tips Tip number one Bacon is high in both calories and fat So it should be eaten in moderation in any diet, no matter what diet it is One slice of bacon contains about 42 calories and more than three grams of saturated fat, plus high salt content

Now, that's key also And that's why I want to do some of this turkey bacon for you here today This turkey bacon is 58% less fat It's also 57% less sodium Now, you can find this at the grocery store

And you don't have to eat just high fat, high sodium bacon You can find some healthier bacon So find the choices that are out there If I have them, I know you can find them So now on top of that, remember bacon has approximately 182 milligrams of salt per slice, unless you purchase the low sodium, which is what I have here today

this turkey This turkey bacon is absolutely amazing for you And it's better for you in comparison to just regular pork bacon OK, so now tip number two Make your small amount of bacon or your portion of bacon that you like to choose, crumble it up

Crumble it up Put it on a salad Put it on your favorite dish Now, what this will do is also help you where not only do you solidify your craving, you actually get the bacon in your diet, but you're doing it where psychologically you're still getting the bacon, but you're not eating as much Because a lot of times when you start to eat the bacon, the cravings become more and you might overindulge

Fill it with a healthier portion, maybe a turkey bacon And also crumble it up and put it on your salad or put it on your potato or your dish that you choose And then that will help you actually not consume so much fat Tip number three Nitrate free is a joke

It's a joke Nitrate free– if you're paying more for nitrate free meats, you're getting misled Here's the thing, instead of being cured with sodium nitrate, these meats are cured with celery salt The celery salt then transforms to nitrates during the curing process So let me turn my bacon here

So some food for thought– can you hear it crackling? Smells amazing, by the way I'm going to do this so I can get some grill marks on here So here's the thing, nitrate free is overrated And plus, nitrates as long as it's done the right way, you will be able to consume this And I'm going explain that in tip number four

Now, there's a ton of things that you should be worried about when it comes to food and exercise But nitrates and nitrites are simply not one of them So that being said, it's traditionally cured bacon, you want to get pasteurized raised meats from local farms Use those as much as possible They are all healthier, and they're way safer and will not affect your exercise

And when I say that, when you exercise, you want to maximize fat loss Now, tip number five, studies have shown that eating high fat on a short period of time, meaning like five days a week, helps fat loss because it oxidizes, burns, fat and body fat Now, if you could eat bacon and actually burn fat, would you do it? Exactly Well, this study shows that even when high carbs was added on day number five, it did not stop the fat burning The key is to have a high fat, lower carb diet for a few days, which is up to like five days

Then introduce higher carbs and the rate of oxidation for fat pretty much stays the same And you will continue to burn fat Carb cycling after high fat, low carb days is ideal to maximize your bacon Studies have shown eating a high fat diet, then exercising with steady state or high intensity exercise, maybe a 12-minute burst, on day number six subject fasted, and guess what happened? The maximum of fat loss oxidation actually was presented And the fat burning environment actually was one of the most amazing things that proved a hypothesis to be wrong

They thought that possibly you would not burn fat, and it would stop once you introduced high carbs That is false So, again– let me turn my bacon here See that Ooh, Smells so good

Wow All right, so let me turn this one more time while we're talking here I don't want to burn my bacon This is going to be the best thing ever Mm, mm, bacon is the best

So what did we gain out of that? Hypothesis, after high fat is one of the most important things to remember that if you get involved in your exercise and have a high intensity session, say 12 minutes, it will actually help you on day number six So low carb, high fat day number six, you introduce high carb back in, you will actually keep continuing to burn fat and stay in a fat burning environment The key is to eat the high fat and low carbs And when you introduce it, make sure you're properly exercising The good news is that I have a simple 12-minute metabolic movement system I want to introduce you to that takes your favorite choices of bacon, like mine here happens to be the turkey, and turns them into your fat burning friend

Now if you could do that and you could just take 12 minutes a day, would you do it? Well, I have the system that's exactly going to be able to do that for you, especially if you're over the age of 35 It is called the Over 40 Ab Solution Now, at 35 years old, we all know what happens to the hormones Then at the age of 40 it becomes even more of a battle I'm guilty as charged

I'm 44 years old and I battle this and so does my wife But yet, I still have an amazing 12-minute metabolic system that will help with all those needs to get your desired body Now let me show you some of this bacon Let me get up here a little closer here You see how nice and crispy it is in the sun? You see how that looks? This is what you want when you want your bacon

It's not dripping fat It's going to be nice and crispy I'm almost done there You can see my marks on here It's almost done

And that's how you want your fat, not dripping with tons of grease Now, this 12-minute metabolic protocol that I have, it's quick movements It's quick bursts that actually take the fat and also glycogen from your diet and helps metabolize that exactly to do what you need when you're hormonal condition for people that are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s– this system is specifically designed to actually help with those hormonal conditions and get you the body that you desire Now, this system includes many age specific components The first one is called a metabolic zone training system where these are 12-minute metabolic protocols specifically designed to optimize the hormones for people, like myself, that are in their 40's or if you're in your 50s or 60s

That's what this will do for you Also, there's another thing in there that makes your success even faster is to track with what we have in here called a success Tracker The Success Tracker, it's for all the people who just want to dive right in, don't have enough time to actually read up to the almost 100 pages that's in this product, and actually dive in and get started right away So your Success Tracker is set up exactly for that Next is the Lean 19– 19 powerful diet habits designed for people that are over 40

Now, this is loaded with nutrition tips, just like what I'm giving you here about this baking here, which is almost about done We're looking really good I'm going to pull this out of here right here That Lean 19 is specifically amazing because the diet tips that are in there are going to be diet tips like what you see here today It's loaded with that

And it's all coming with a 90-day, money back guarantee So if you choose to pick up this system, you get 90 days to review it If you don't get results, which I know you will, but if you don't get results and you don't like it, guess what? For 90 days, you absolutely can return it, and we will give you back all your money, 100% guaranteed, no questions asked So now, here's the time, if you're interested, you can click or tap right up here this little link that I have right around this video It will take you to the Over 40 Ab Solution

My buddy Sean, he's in his 40s Sean's ripped And also Karen– she's 57 years old– uses this, just like my wife and I, to actually help every day maintain that body that you desire Now, with that being said, the last thing I want to introduce you to is one more thing that we do with every purchase of this Over 40 Ab Solution We take $1 and we donate it to Living Water

Now, we've been blessed at Get Lean in 12 to actually be able to install four of these water wells for children and families inside third world countries that don't have any water Now, that's the most special thing out of all of this that we really cherish is that dollar goes to every one of those children and families to help build a well and give them running water 24/7 We take it for granted But believe it or not, there's a lot of people out there that really need water And so we've been blessed to actually put four of those in place and counting

And because of you and people like you, we want to be a part of you and we want you to be a part of us to help continue on our path to keep putting those water wells in So now, don't forget, click or tap this link right above It's going to take you to the Over 40 Ab Solution with a 12-minute metabolic secret that I'm explaining here today that will help you get the body that you desire Now, the last thing I'd like to say is from everyone around the world that's joining me here on this, I hope you love bacon as much as I do, because this bacon– once it cools off here– I'm going to take a little bite This bacon can actually help lose fat if you do it strategically and you use this 12-minute metabolic system, the one we were talking about, to actually help take the fat and glucose from your carbohydrates and your bacon and turn it into your fat burning friend

Hold on here Oh, my goodness Wow Now, one more time, step out and get your grill Put your bacon on the grill

If you want to put it in a pan, you can put it to pan That's fine But make sure you're using your 12-minute metabolic system I want to thank everybody from around the world from joining in on today's video, keep eating your bacon and keep your health too I'll see you on the next video and keep going strong

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