Thursday, 21 November 2019

Fat Burning Diet For Women | Here’s Why MOST Diets Don’t Work

hi there my name is Tony I you're probably watching this video because you're looking for a fat burning diet for women so we're looking for some diet tips or some methods that's going to help you to lose some weight so this was be on the left just a few years ago and on the right now we want them now and I've lost more than 50 pounds of fat myself so I know exactly what you're going through and how frustrating it can be so it took me years and years of trying various diets and exercise programs i bought p90x and bought some of you of that program's lots of dvds and it just seeing that whenever I lost any weight that is pretty straight back on again so i thought it meant quick video just to share with you and dispel some of the myths that took me years to actually find out so this number one is one thing I was always told is if I wanted to lose weight I had to exercise at least 30 minutes a day and i actually only do seven minutes a day so that makes it is completely wrong second one is you need to almost starve yourself to lose weight as with many diets that I that I went on a low carb diets glucose gluten-free diets I tried them all and the fact is I now we pretty regular foods and even some that you wouldn't think you would be able to eat on a diet fun so number three is you need to drink lots and lots of water every day now while so i'm not saying this isn't a bad thing I actually don't drink liters and liters and liters of water to replicate in the hope that it's going to help me to lose weight actually I do drink one or two glasses but i also have smoothies and even some wine at night so listen before is you need to do lots of cardio exercise become a gym but now I be honest I hate exercise now i do seven exercises in seven minutes a day that's it that's all I do so it just those things will hopefully help you as well that most of the information out there is just so unreliable so the thing that really helped me and I'll put in a link below this video in the description to click on that link there's free video completely free watch the video and that will actually explain why ninety-nine percent diets don't work and why you don't need to exercise every single day so click the link in the description watch that video and I hope that helps

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