Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Drink Daily And Cure Diabetes || Kiwi Smoothie For Diabetes

are you suffering with diabetes from longtime you might use many medicines and treatments if you want to cure diabetes by simple and natural ways then watch this full video kiwi smoothie for this we need two kiwis bananas low-fat yogurt lemon juice and some ice cubes kiwi kiwi the great antioxidant rich in vitamin C reduces stress it is a soluble fiber reduces Constitution kiwi helps in fluid retention and keeps you hydrated always TV is very digest to it improves blood circulation lowers cholesterol keeps blood sugar levels in control banana banana is rich in potassium and so many other minerals contains vitamin e b & E it gives instant energy promotes blood circulation yogat it can reduce the risk of diabetes yogurt lowers blood pressure keeps blood sugar levels in control it improves insulin sensitivity and reduces inflammation lemon juice lemon juice is rich in vitamin C and it is great and the oxidant let's start the process take the juicer jar I banana pieces kiwi pieces lemon juice yogurt finally some water start blending take a serving glass add some ice cubes and for the smoothie into it kiwi smoothie is very ki smoothie drink this juice daily to cure diabetes kiwi green apple juice have juice regularly to cure diabetes

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